What is taught at AKF Martial Arts Academy?

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Martial Arts Academy focuses on three primary disciplines: Tae Kwon Do, Judo and Hapkido.  

Tae Kwon Do, a Korean martial art which emphasizes kicking, is the major study at AKF, developing strong balance, focus and body control.

Judo, derived from the Japanese art of Jujitsu, concentrates on utilizing an opponent’s weight and force against themselves, appropriate for situations in which close quarter attacks do not allow for longer distance kicking or striking. 

Hapkido, which bases its effectiveness in circumventing its opponent’s attack through joint manipulation and circular movement; an outstanding tool for personal protection.

Weapons such as the tonfa, bo staff, nunchaku, and sai are taught at the higher ranks once control and maturity have been successfully demonstrated by a student.

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At    we make our training personal for you.  The disciplines taught here are taken very seriously, so we insure that our students are allowed the greatest possible exposure to various techniques, philosophies, history and deeper understandings often overlooked in the rush to advance.

or our junior members, this means a greater concentration on procedure and technique, developing confidence and self-discipline at an early age.  Children gain a sense of belonging with AKF that helps them develop stronger social skills in their formative years; allowing them to make friends easier, determine for themselves what is right and wrong, and guide them in setting and reaching their short and long term goals.

ur academic members, having developed a strong foundation, find that these same principles:
It also adds flexibility and endurance building and gives young athletes an advantage over their peers in whatever sport they decide to pursue.

or the enthusiast, AKF Martial arts provides the motivation, discipline, and challenge of discovering the ancient, traditional practices of another culture.  Advancement through the ranks requires an understanding of the Korean terminology often used in class, as well as the study of forms which incorporated Korean history within their meanings.  Through the study of Kyuki-Do you learn not only of another culture, but about yourself as well.

s a senior member, AKF Martial Arts extends the invitation to revitalize and rediscover the vigor and energy of youth.  It is our intent to progressively improve the balance, endurance, flexibility, focus, strength and speed of every member and the mature wisdom of this group of people helps not only the younger members but provides a sense of interest and meaning for those involved.


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Quality ¤ Service ¤ Value ¤ Safety

uality – Our training methods are meticulous and thorough.  Designed to assist our clients in reaching personal attainable goals and bring out the best in each individual.

  ervice – Your time and effort would be wasted if you did not enjoy and understand the training.  We excel at making our classes practical, exhilarating and challenging.

alue – Our worth; inexpensive is not our goal, but rather the ratio of utility to price – a price that makes sense.  We always strive to meet our standards at the lowest price possible to you.  We will not compromise quality, safety or service to lower our costs.

afety is of the utmost importance.  It is a major part of health and well being, being able to go to work the next day uninjured and knowing how to handle a confrontation is our commitment to you.

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